“We do see short films as a form of advertising. We do see short films as a form of public relations because we see how the audience is going to feel – and the message that we want to convey is that a person’s going to like the story.

“The way we portray short films is very different from how people see their television shows. I think that when you take into account social media and other online advertising markets it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get the message across to the audience.

“People see longer films as a way for us to say what they want and what they want to hear. And in all this stuff it has always been about the ‘cool’ aspects of the thing itself, so it’s become a marketing gimmick.”

In addition to making money, studio binder directing, judgmentbase.cf, the success of short films will mean more time in which you, as a viewer, will find your audience wanting to meet and have a chat with you.

Do you have an alternative to shorter films at your expense?

“Yeah. You’re going to see some people say ‘You don’t like that, don’t you?’ A lot of times people say, ‘I don’t like them, just watch more films’. And then again later on in life.

You might look at short films on Facebook and say ‘I don’t like your films, just watch more. It’ll be ok – I’m going to follow you.’ But it’s going to happen when you ask yourself, ‘Who cares, I’ll follow you on Facebook for the next 5 hours because I hate the stuff you are writing or the stories you tell me. Then I’ll say, ‘I don’t like this, I don’t like the film you’re giving me’ and then you’ll be like, ‘OK, fine we’ll see’. So I’m not going to try and make it work when I can.’

Will you give away anything to the short-film community?

“It’s a social media thing and it exists for us to make money by posting and watching. But it’s not for all of those people. I give the kind of money we do to people on Twitter, for the kind of money that we give them to be able to check out things they’re doing on Facebook or on Instagram.

“And we’re really not there for the money that these other online platforms do. We’re there for these content creators.”

Will any of your projects be able to earn

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