Know, feel, experience, discover, explore, learn… verbs that define the adventurous spirit perfectly, words that describe Migjorn Aventura.

Known every corner of the province of Alicante and penetrates the heart of Jijona.

Feel the nature under your feet when entering the most precious badlands of our territory.

Experience, from the hand of the best professionals, new sports activities in different natural scenarios.

Discover the four elements that we offer you: Earth, Sun, Sea and Air.

Explore your limits with the exploits that we invite you to star.

Learn to breathe for the first time.

The best coasts, an enviable relief, soft breezes and perfect temperatures, will make waves with your own name, unique descents, winds that make you fly and make every ray of sun worthwhile.

Come to enjoy the Mediterranean, get to know Migjorn Aventura.

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