Climbing / Abseiling


Test the strength of your limbs and feel the sensation of reaching the top. With the help of a rope and a harness, slide down the rock as if you were part of it.


– 35€ (Min 4p)
* +5€/p.p. in concept of displacement.


– Media jornada



What should I bring?

– Mountain boots or sneakers
– Comfortable and warm clothes (according to season)
– Small backpack with: water (1L) and lunch.

Who can do it?

Everyone who is in good physical condition. It is not recommended for those who suffer from dizziness, dizziness and / or pregnancy.

What is included in the price?

– Todo el material específico necesario para realizar la actividad (casco, arnés, mosquetones, descendedor, cabos de anclaje, cuerdas,…)
– Seguro de responsabilidad civil
– Fotos y vídeos de la actividad
– Instructores

Place of activity

Small and large tours of the town of Xixona and surroundings.


To contract this activity send us a message with your data and your questions and we will call you:

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